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Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-1pm, 3-6pm
Saturday 8am-12pm, Sunday 12-1pm, 5-6pm


Many assumptions can be made about dogs, but when it comes right down to it, you know your pet better than anyone. For this reason, all new customers are required to fill out a brief form outlining likes, dislikes and special needs. This insures a fun, comfortable and stress free stay for your loved one.

What to expect during your pet’s stay

From the time they travel down the birch tree lined driveway, your dog becomes part of our family. From dawn to dusk, affection, love, belly rubs, and an occassional treat will spoil them rotten. Overnight guests will be let out a minimum of five times throughout the day, partake in daycare group play and have a scheduled “down time” from 1-3 p.m. to rest and relax.

Dogs are placed into the appropriate play groups to meet their size, age and temperment. For safety, we insure all senior dogs play and socialize with staff one-on-one.

The Barking Birch offers:

  • Owners live on-site and oversee all activities
  • Surveillance cameras with two way sound for late night security
  • Year round climate controlled comfort
  • Block wall dividers to give your pet peace and privacy
  • 24-hour music to sooth late night dreams
  • Raised bed cots and/or blankets
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • 14 secluded acres
  • Daily sanitization
  • Single and double kennels for those wishing to board pets together

What to Bring with You

  • Food: We recommend you bring your own pet’s food to avoid upset tummies. You can bring just enough food for their stay and we will provide dishes.
  • Medication: Please send any medication and instructions and we will administer at no additional charge.
  • Collar: For your pet’s safety, please provide a collar during your dog’s stay.
  • Bedding: Bedding is provided, but their personal bedding is always welcomed to make your pet feel more at home. Please limit your bedding to small washable rugs and blankets.
  • Toys and Treats: Your pet’s personal belongings are always welcome, but ask that you limit it to just a few.
  • Vaccinations: For the safety of staff and other pets staying with us, all dogs entering The Barking Birch are required to show proof of Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough) and Distemper.  Please have your dog’s Bordetella shots given at least seven days prior to your visit. Your veterinary clinic may fax or email those documents to us.


Reservations are required. Cancellations require 48-hour notice prior to the first day of the scheduled stay.